April 25, 2019

The value of people counting in the retail sector

In retail you always have to be one step ahead of the competition. Therefore it is important to know your customers and their behaviour. Measuring customer activity in your store or shopping centre enables you to optimise retail spaces, maximise shopper engagement and even predict footfall. PFM Footfall Intelligence is specialised in people counting and related data science. PFM has developed a unique way of working based on four components:

  • Hi-end technology
  • Consistent data
  • Data science
  • Service

The collected data offers tremendously important customer data that will be analysed to improve business and store performance. It will allow you to make informed decisions based on trustworthy data related to staff optimisation, product portfolio and customer service. This in turn will boost conversion rates and overall store performance.

People counting to analyse behaviour

Customer traffic is a valid measure of a store’s marketing and performance. By analysing the gap between the number of people entering a store and the actual purchases made, it is possible to analyse the customer journey and find explanations for the lack of transactions. PFM Footfall Intelligence uses data counting technology to count and monitor footfall at any location. Consistency is key in this matter, therefore all data is checked daily and discrepancies are filtered out. The data is safely transmitted and can be collected to be used in reports, which can be generated through our flexible tools.

The retail dashboard helps you to analyse all the data. In addition it is also possible to connect our system to your own systems through an API. This technology, combined with the consistent data it generates, enables you to analyse the customer behaviour at your retail location.

Reap the benefits of counting people at your location

The benefits of knowing how shoppers experience their time at a retail location are numerous. Not only will you discover the amount of people visiting your location, but it offers you much more insight in what they do when they enter the your commercial area. Discover which stores people visit, what percentage of people buy something, how shoppers navigate through a store or shopping centre, what the hotspots are etc. All this footfall data helps you to enhance the experience of each shopper and can help you make decisions based on facts to increase traffic to your store, boost your sales and conversions and make sure your customers will return frequently.

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