April 25, 2019

Warm and Trendy in the Winter with Dog Fashion

Do you have a pet dog? About 1 in every 10 people in America owns a pet dog and who wouldn’t want such an adorable creature to pet and cuddle? These animals, as they say, loves us more than they love themselves.

Researchers ErikaFriedmann PhD and Sue A.Thomas RN, PhD found out that pets, especially dogs help humans reduce stress. This is an incredible fact that scientists were able to discover!

So in light of the love that they show us unconditionally, shouldn’t we return the favor by caring for their well-being a bit more than we already do?

Keep Your Dog Warm This Coming Winter

While most dogs are covered in fur their paws are sensitive to heat and cold and sometimes their furs are not thick enough to shield them from a cold. Unlike the Siberian Husky or the Anatolian Shepherd other dog breeds are just simply not designed for cold weather.

In some parts of the world like Russia and Canada the temperature can drop to 50+ below zero, therefore not only should you keep your pets indoors and turn the heater on 24/7, but you’ll also need to give them some dog clothing to keep them warm and  cozy.

Fortunately for you and your pet dog there are there are online stores that specializes in dog merchandise. You can get your dog an adorable sleeved or sleeveless sweaters (some even have hoodies with them) that will keep your pet comfortable in a warm vest.

There are also waterproof dog and cat boots for sale that you can let your pet wear to keep them warm in case you need to take them out for a walk during winter. These trendy dogwear keeps your pet safe and make them look really good too!

Who said dogs can’t be fashionable also?

Other Ways to Ensure That Your Dog Stays Warm and Cozy

Aside from buying trendy and fashionable dogwear such as dog sweaters, jumpsuits, doggie jacket with hoodies and other lovable animal clothing that’s available here: https://www.exclusivedogfashion.nl, you can also keep them warm in other ways.

The first thing you’ll need to consider is to limit the time spent outdoors.

Other than taking them out for a few minutes walk n the morning and afternoon when they’ll need to pee or poop, keep them inside the house. Keeping your dog off the cold floor and protected from cold breezes with snug bedding.

This will provide a comfortable nights sleep and avoid any body stiffness. As much as possible do not let your dog sleep outside the house and keep them bathed in the house heater.

Or if you made a dog house for them, then use insulators to keep it warm even if it’s outside in the snow.

Giving Them a Bath

As you may well know winter can last for 3 or 4 months and you need to give your dog a bath at least every 3 days to keep them clean and no fleas or any allergies. Since the water wll be extra cold, you may want to use hot water or keep it lukewa at 65 – 70° Celsius, so your dog won’t get too uncormfortable with the wold water.

Limit the bath time to less than 4 minutes also, because the longer they’ll stay in the shower the more they will be exposed to the cold temperatures. Once done you also need to use a blow dryer to dry them off any water residue.

Keeping them warm and dry after the bath is necessary to not let them suffer health complications due to the cold.

Investing a meager amount on doggie fashion may be a small thing for you, but silently your pet dog appreciates it in ways words cannot express.



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