April 25, 2019


Blue is one color that has all the moods amalgamated into one. Add some glitter to it to make it festive, add some white to it to make it a day dress and add some off shoulder glamour, and jewelry to make it you all time favorite. With so many attributes in one color, you will love this day dress in stripes. The smoked part on the chest will make you look thin and the stripes too will enhance your height sine the pattern is such. The off shoulders adds to the glitz along with the slits on the sides for a relaxed day as well.

Rugged denims have not faded out of the vogue, in fact are still the trendsetting and coolest to be worn without a doubt. Clothes that you can wear anytime without much contemplation are the ones you wear the most and especially if they are rugged. These are certainly comfortable and you will feel it once you slip into them. Soon these will become your favorite wear for all occasions and this universal wear ability element is what will thoroughly impress you  and if you are impressed with yourself, you are certainly more confident and happy , giving you the reason to buy this!

Under the sky, be like Sky! This all over light blue dress is something you need when you want to uplift your moods and be reminded that for every problem under this sky, there is a solution! So let bygones be that and appreciate what you have. The dress has a knot in the center just like life however, face the knots and expose yourself to some challenging experiences just as the dress, which has cuts that exposes the best part of the body, the waistline. This middy dress is comfortable and has a lining up to the thigh, leaving the rest of the legs transparent.  Click here to view more.

  1. Winter are approaching so this winters unlike the darks, chose this soothing light blue color and make the best of the season. The polka dots in white over the light blue adds to its vibrancy. The fitting is loose on the edge as well as the sleeves making you feel comfortable. The material is soft, yet protects you from the winters. Pair this with white, or blue denims and look cool and stylish during the winters. Overcome the dullness of the winters through this beautiful piece that is available on ZAFUL!!

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